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Asked Questions

Q: Can I get cellular service in Jamacia?

A: IT DEPENDS. You should contact your cellular service provider to discuss your options.  Otherwise, you may consider purchasing a pre-paid cell phone while in Jamaica.

Q: Will we have WiFi?

A: The hotels are equipped with WiFi.  The mission will be held at Worship & Faith International Fellowship in Spanish Town, St. Catherine. It is a high tech church that is doing everything within reason to ensure you can access the internet as needed.

Q: What if I miss my flight? Who should I contact? 

A: It would be best to call 845.362.8900 and choose OPTION (WordAlive Travel)

Q: Do we have an itinerary?

Q: How will we get back and forth to the facility?

A: Buses will leave The Jamaica Pegasus at 5:00 AM Tuesday, Aug. 28th through Friday, Aug. 31st; and will return there daily. (If you are staying at the Spanish Court hotel or other surrounding hotels, instructions will be given at our Orientation on Monday, Aug. 27th.)

Q: Do I need an international plug to charge my cell phone?

A: No

Q: Is lunch included in the registration?

A: Between Tuesday, August 28th through Friday, August 31st

The Best Dressed Chicken, our title sponsors, will provide lunch for our volunteers each day.the clinic/festival.  The menu is underway and can be shared at Orientation on Monday, August 27th.  There will be food vendors available daily and can meet a variety of dietary needs.  

Don't see your questions answered here? Please submit a question below and we will do our best to get all questions answered, either via email or added to the list fo FAQs.​

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